Thursday, March 30, 2006


We have too many fat people in Wisconsin. Health care costs for fat people cost all of us mega-millions of dollars every year. How long can government continue to turn a blind eye to the destructive behaviors making us fat, costing us money, and killing people before their time? Nurse Judy Robson would be the ideal person to lead the government campaign against donuts and other high-fat foods. Just think of all the lives and dollars we can save by having government step in and enforce improved behavior. After all, legislators are all about legislating to create a better world for their constituents. If we can save even one life, that should be enough to justify a donut ban or at least a donut sin tax. The city of Madison has already saved dozens of lives with its smoking ban, just imagine how much we could accomplish by starting a War on Donuts. You may find this idea ridiculous, but the policymakers of tomorrow can no longer afford to ignore the societal devastation caused by the donut and its accomplices. Think outside the box, and join the American Heart Association and the Wisconsin Fatty Foods Control Board in supporting the donut ban in the upcoming legislative session.


* The average donut contains approximately 300 calories.
1 donut provides more than 50% of your recommended daily carbohydrate intake.
* High in salt content which will promote water retention.
* Donuts are deep fried in oxidized oil that is re-used for weeks at a time!
o Dunkin Donuts changes the oil every 300 dozen!
o Oils at high temperatures developed rancidity and free radicals which can:
+ Poison and slow your metabolism
+ Seriously threaten your health.
* High sugar content which promotes sugar cravings and ages skin.

For full disclosure purposes, I must admit that I ate three donuts myself this morning. But just because I like something, doesn't mean it should be legal. I need the government to take action to put this destructive behavioral option beyond my reach. If donuts are allowed to stay there, unregulated and accepted by society, then I will undoubtedly sin again. Wouldn't a truly good government protect me from having to make this kind of decision?

The answer to your final question in your post script is quite simple...

Does eating donuts in the presence of others cause immediate, measurable, physical harm to their own bodies?

I ask that in all seriousness.

The answer to the question above should suffice as the answer to your question.

P.S. The answer is "no."
So when does the government tell me whether I should use Charmin or Northern?
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