Friday, March 31, 2006


I have a great suggestion for the authors of the bill described below to require GPS tracking for sex offenders. It's such a rare pleasure to be able to offer my suggestions to all my lawmaking friends at the capitol without even having to write a letter. Well anyway, here is my idea for a brilliant amendment to the bill. We should also require GPS tracking for state legislators! After all, don't we pay their salaries and deserve some level of oversight?

I guarantee you that people would be shocked to discover the minimal hours of work put in by their local legislators. Barbara Gronemus would probably have to change her campaign theme from "Working for You!" to something more like "Sleeping on the Couch for You!" Regular citizens would be stunned to discover that Roger Breske puts more hours in at the Inn on the Park Bar than in the State Capitol. If these people knew they were being monitored at all times, they might even start helping staff by doing some of the work!

This could be an incredible tool to improve productivity, accountability, and voter awareness. Staff is now required to account for 40 hours of work per week, with timesheets and sworn affidavits and ethics classes. Wouldn't it be funny if our hard-working legislators had similar responsibilities? But even if such a requirement would be too much of a shock to the system, knowing where our legislators are spending their time could really change some behaviors. It might even cut down on the number of affairs between legislators after GPS codes show up together in strange places and at strange times. We could even be entertained by checking out their 24/7 whereabouts on-line.

This has to go down as one of my best ideas ever. Please feel free to share my suggestion with other opinion leaders like yourself. We can make the Wisconsin Legislature a better place to work and conduct the people's business. Please help me and the incomparable Dean Kaufert transform the capitol culture with an amendment to require GPS tracking for state legislators! Thanks in advance for your help with this critically important initiative.

GPS tracking sought for sex offenders
Millions would be spent to monitor child molesters

Posted: March 30, 2006

Madison - The Legislature's budget committee on Thursday recommended lifetime global positioning tracking of criminals on supervised release for first-degree sexual assault of children - at a cost of more than $10,100 per year for each offender.

Legislators said the high cost, which the Department of Corrections said could total $477 million over the next 20 years, is justified.

"There are no bigger sleazebags than these types of child molesters," said Rep. Dean Kaufert (R-Neenah), co-chairman of the Joint Finance Committee. "When they know they're being tracked, their behavior is going to change."

Thursday, March 30, 2006


We have too many fat people in Wisconsin. Health care costs for fat people cost all of us mega-millions of dollars every year. How long can government continue to turn a blind eye to the destructive behaviors making us fat, costing us money, and killing people before their time? Nurse Judy Robson would be the ideal person to lead the government campaign against donuts and other high-fat foods. Just think of all the lives and dollars we can save by having government step in and enforce improved behavior. After all, legislators are all about legislating to create a better world for their constituents. If we can save even one life, that should be enough to justify a donut ban or at least a donut sin tax. The city of Madison has already saved dozens of lives with its smoking ban, just imagine how much we could accomplish by starting a War on Donuts. You may find this idea ridiculous, but the policymakers of tomorrow can no longer afford to ignore the societal devastation caused by the donut and its accomplices. Think outside the box, and join the American Heart Association and the Wisconsin Fatty Foods Control Board in supporting the donut ban in the upcoming legislative session.


* The average donut contains approximately 300 calories.
1 donut provides more than 50% of your recommended daily carbohydrate intake.
* High in salt content which will promote water retention.
* Donuts are deep fried in oxidized oil that is re-used for weeks at a time!
o Dunkin Donuts changes the oil every 300 dozen!
o Oils at high temperatures developed rancidity and free radicals which can:
+ Poison and slow your metabolism
+ Seriously threaten your health.
* High sugar content which promotes sugar cravings and ages skin.

For full disclosure purposes, I must admit that I ate three donuts myself this morning. But just because I like something, doesn't mean it should be legal. I need the government to take action to put this destructive behavioral option beyond my reach. If donuts are allowed to stay there, unregulated and accepted by society, then I will undoubtedly sin again. Wouldn't a truly good government protect me from having to make this kind of decision?

You Probably Couldn't Care Less

I made the mistake of listening to Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN today, and once again find myself irritated. They have an embarrassing sportsfans-get-married contest going on, but I won't even get into that. What really tripped my trigger was dumb lineman Golic's misuse of the language.

Everyone, please pay attention. because many of you repeatedly make the same mistake. If you don't care about something, the correct phrase would be, "I couldn't care less." If you say, "I could care less," as Golic does, you are actually saying the opposite of what you intend. If you could care less, then you care some. Get it? The accurate usage would be to say that you couldn't care less. Is that so hard? Especially, if you make your living talking on the radio.


Wednesday, March 29, 2006


After a great deal of mutual flirtation, the one and only Great Santini announced today that he will be joining the boys at the esteemed weblog Boots and Sabers as a guest columnist. "I've been looking at these boys' military outfits for a number of years," said Santini, "and I can no longer sit back and let them handle this mission alone, sportsfans."

Bull Meechum: I am Santini, the Great Santini.
Bull Meechum: I come from behind the moon, out of the dark, unannounced.
Bull Meechum: Watch out!


Many thanks to one of my most alert readers for bringing this photograph to my attention. Seems I'm on to something with my earlier post.


Have you seen Herb Kohl's new television commercials? They and he are an insult to the intelligence of the voters of Wisconsin. Nobody's Senator But Yours. Give me an F'ing break. This guy is one of the biggest empty suits ever to have served the state of Wisconsin in the United States Senate. Somehow, this rich, unaccomplished, and eccentric freak has convinced people that he's worthy of perpetual re-election. There is something wrong with every one of us for allowing this to happen.

Let's face facts. Herb Kohl is no leader. Herb Kohl is not the kind of guy who's interested in changing the world. Herb Kohl is personality-challenged. Herb Kohl could not wear blaze orange or ride a Harley. Herb Kohl has issues. Herb Kohl lives on a mega-ranch out west somewhere. Herb Kohl is a milquetoast. Herb Kohl has accomplished nothing in the Senate that has even registered with regular people. Herb Kohl's one and only qualification for the Senate is his multi-millionaire status. Herb Kohl serves the Democratic special interests, but gets away with that unimaginative servitude by simply funding his own campaigns.

He's rich, so I guess he must really represent the little guy. How in the name of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph have we allowed ourselves to buy into this load of garbage? Does image truly have nothing to do with reality? And who are the advertising geniuses who convinced the people of Muscoda that Herb Kohl is there guy? Please don't answer that! The consultants that made it happen must have a profound contempt for the real people of Wisconsin. Spend a lot of money with a clever tag-line and you can elect anybody to any position. How sickening is that? And it's exactly the same pablum being sold in Kohl's new commercials.

And to the Republicans in a position to challenge this dweeb of a senator, I can only say that you are derelict in your duty to the people of Wisconsin for failing to expose and remove this nonessential man. Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, Tommy Thompson, Tim Michels, Mark Neumann, et al. I know you're afraid of his money, but a passionate and unafraid opponent could knock the stuffing out of this guy. If my personal approval rating wasn't so low, I would run against this bozo myself. This is a golden opportunity that Republicans seem to have permanently squandered. Get some balls for chrissakes, and take this guy on!

Kohl's partisan affiliation isn't even the problem. He's just a big dud, and permanently re-electing him is like naming Bill Lorge as the next U.S. Secretary of State. It just isn't in our interest. Won't somebody please please please please step up and help people wake up from the nightmare service of Senator Herbert Kohl? I'm begging you. If people can truly be tricked in this way, then maybe I should get into the political consulting business. If people can be so easily hoodwinked, then maybe Sheryl Albers' Dad can one day become the Governor of Wisconsin.

THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! Calling all powers that be! Stop giving this nobody senator a free ride.

Friday, March 24, 2006


Dear Senate Republicans,

The next casualty of the Jensen trial better be Tom Loftus. Last I checked, Loftus is awaiting approval by the Republican-controlled State Senate as a member of the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents. He's also the former Speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly -- during the dark and arrogant days of Democratic hegemony -- who confessed in his book about doing all of the things that just got Scott Jensen convicted. He may get to live a free man, but A Republican Legislature should allow him no further honors.

I know that Scott Jensen has always made Dale Schultz feel insecure. But that's no reason to not do the right thing in this situation. It's not just partisan payback, it's recognition that Scott Jensen got screwed and that attention must be paid. The silent cadre of former speakers and leaders who said nothing while Jensen took their bullet should never again be allowed any favors or respect from GOP powers that be. As a matter of fact, Republicans should also tell We Energies to reassign Wally Kunicki to their northern Michigan affiliate. And Shirley Krug should have to clean out MMSD's deep tunnel. If Scott has to go down, the other members of the club should at least have to feel some pain.

This is a test. Can you guys exercise your power and do the right thing? This is exactly the kind of moment that you wish for when you dream about some day controlling the lawmaking of a state. I know Dale remembers those days in the minority -- impotent and powerless, unable to punish anyone or make anything meaningful happen. Scott Jensen turned that dynamic around, and helped Dale become somebody. Now it's time for Dale Schultz and/or Senate Republicans to honor Scott Jensen by unanimously rejecting this quisling of a former Speaker.

Attention must be paid. Just say no to Tom Loftus.


Walker withdraws. This is exactly why all of us have been saying that either of the Republicans would make a good governor. Scott knew that he was going to lose, and so sat down and tried to figure out how to best manage the situation. When your choices are to engage in an ugly Pfaffian fight against the GOP frontrunner but inevitably lose with your reputation in tatters, or withdraw now and appear statesmanlike to fight another day -- he made the intelligent decision to withdraw. Smart guy. Savvy guy. I respect Scott Walker today more than I did yesterday.

Apparently, the theorists at Boots and Sabers have opined that they would have preferred a full-fledged everyone bleeds Republican primary in 2006. I think that's nice theory, but practically Republicans have a better chance uniting early behind the best candidate and focusing their fire on the guy who even Xoff considers a political cripple. Jim Doyle and the coven around him cannot be at all happy about today's decision by Walker. Republicans and conservatives should be rejoicing and coming together to do everything possible to elect Mark Green as our next governor.

When it gets right down to it, Walker withdrew because his campaign failed to catch fire in the requisite manner. It could have happened that people around the state decided that they love this guy, but it just didn't. He looked okay next to Mark Green but Mark Green looked better. So, Republicans around the state saw them both and started to coalesce around Mark Green. Not because Scott Walker sucks, but because Mark Green has the potential to inspire.

Look out Jim Doyle. An entire year of libelous and hysterical ramblings by Chairman Wineke will not be enough to save either your "administration" or Joey's lobbying career. The Green Machine is about to mow you down. The writing is on the wall. Martin Schreiber, Tony Earl, and Jim Doyle. The people of Wisconsin always give you guys a chance, but they never end up liking the taste left in their mouths.

Excellent work, Scott Walker. Your time could very well come on another day.


"Loddfafnir, listen to my counsel:
You will fare well if you follow it,
It will help you much if you heed it.
If aware that another is wicked, say so:
Make no truce or treaty with foes."
Hávamál, St. 127

The coward believes he will live forever
If he holds back in the battle,
But in old age he shall have no peace
Though spears have spared his limbs

More Hugin and Munin

Odin, the Asatru father of all Norse Gods, has two companion Ravens.

Each day they are sent into the world to listen.

They report to Odin the happenings in the mortal realm.

One Raven is called Thought, the other Memory.

Thought and Memory - Code and Data - different aspects of the same thing.


Boy, 15, dies after beating
Group attacks him at bus stop; no apparent motive
Posted: March 23, 2006

Family and friends of Raheim Patrick, the 15-year-old boy who was attacked at a bus stop and later died, said they could think of no reason why anyone would want to harm the teen, according to MPS officials who met with his mother and others Thursday night.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett called Thursday for an end to the violence.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Newt's 2008 Pecan Pie

I received this brilliant Georgia recipe directly from one of my personal heroes who will have to remain nameless. Again, this is not an ordinary pie, or I wouldn't share it with you. it is an extraordinary recipe that could dislodge other pies to make it into your final four. You should hurry up and make this before winter is over and we have to start moving into the spring and summer pies.

Newt's 2008 Pecan Pie

Make a pie crust and bake in 375 degree oven until light golden brown. Use foil and pie weights for the first 15 minutes if you care to be fussy. Just watch it closely and pull it out just as it begins to brown.

6 tblsp unsalted butter, cut into 1 inch pieces
1 cup packed dark brown sugar
1/2 tsp salt
3 large eggs
3/4 cup light corn syrup
1 tblsp vanilla
2 cups pecans, lightly toasted and chopped into small pieces

Melt butter in medium heatproof bowl set in a skillet of water set to simmer. Remove bowl from skillet, stir in sugar and salt until butter is absorbed. Beat in eggs, then corn syrup and vanilla. Return bowl to hot water, stir until mixture is shiny and hot to touch, about 130 degrees on instant-read thermometer. Remove from heat, stir in pecans.

As soon as pie shell comes out of oven, decrease oven temperature to 275 degrees. Pour pecan mixture into hot pie shell. Bake on middle rack until pie looks set and yet soft, like gelatin, when gently pressed with back of spoon, 50-60 minutes. Transfer to rack and let cool as long as your able to resist.


The qualities of courage and compassion that we strive for in America also determine our conduct abroad. The American flag stands for more than our power and our interests. Our founders dedicated this country to the cause of human dignity, the rights of every person, and the possibilities of every life. This conviction leads us into the world to help the afflicted, and defend the peace, and confound the designs of evil men.

Today, the gravest danger in the war on terror, the gravest danger facing America and the world, is outlaw regimes that seek and possess nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. These regimes could use such weapons for blackmail, terror, and mass murder. They could also give or sell those weapons to terrorist allies, who would use them without the least hesitation.

This threat is new; America's duty is familiar. Throughout the 20th century, small groups of men seized control of great nations, built armies and arsenals, and set out to dominate the weak and intimidate the world. In each case, their ambitions of cruelty and murder had no limit. In each case, the ambitions of Hitlerism, militarism, and communism were defeated by the will of free peoples, by the strength of great alliances, and by the might of the United States of America. (Applause.)

Now, in this century, the ideology of power and domination has appeared again, and seeks to gain the ultimate weapons of terror. Once again, this nation and all our friends are all that stand between a world at peace, and a world of chaos and constant alarm. Once again, we are called to defend the safety of our people, and the hopes of all mankind. And we accept this responsibility.

President George W. Bush, State of the Union Address, 2003


Hitchcock's The Birds becomes reality

A flock of crows is attacking residents of Warwick, England. First, the crows were targeting cars, scratching them up and tearing off windshield wipers. Now they've reportedly moved on to humans. Colin Wilkinson, a conservation officer with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, suggests that people "protect themselves by wearing hats" and not leave any food scraps around. From the BBC News:
"It is most unusual for these birds to do this, (Wilkinson said.)

"Attacking cars occurs from time to time but graduating to attacking humans is more rare.

"It is hard to explain except if it is an instinctive reaction to someone who is close to what they regard as their territory."

He said it was the time of year that crows would be pairing up, building nests and laying eggs.

"It simply might be that they are being more aggressive at this time of year, that is the most likely explanation," Mr Wilkinson.



I kind of liked the call of Charlie Sykes, Fair Wisconsin, and others for civility in the debate over the proposed constitutional ban on civil unions in Wisconsin. As you know, I've argued for similar restraint from our elected officials. But I'm concerned we may have gone a bit too far. When debating someone who's bigoted and homophobic, should it not be okay to call them out on their bigotry and homophobia?

Often, amendment backers argue or imply that there is something wrong, deficient, or immoral about homosexuals. This assumption provides the foundation for their intellectualizations or rationalizations about enforcing a second-class citizenship. One of the anonymous bloggers that I most enjoy goes to a fundamentalist church that condemns the evils of the homosexual lifestyle. That religiosity underlies his views on the amendment, and, in my view, places him well across the line into bigotry and homophobia.

For reference, here are the definitions.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A bigot is a prejudiced person who is intolerant of opinions differing from his own. The origin of the word in English dates back to at least 1598, via Middle French, and started with the sense of religious hypocrite, especially a woman. Today, it is considered a synonym of closed-minded. Bigot is often used as a pejorative term against a person who is obstinately devoted to his or her prejudices even when these prejudices are challenged or proven to be false, often advocating and defending these prejudices in a rude and intolerant manner. Forms of bigotry may have a related ideology or worldview such as racism, religion, nationalism or homophobia.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The term homophobia means a "fear of or contempt for homosexuality or homosexuals" or the fear of becoming homosexual. It is derivable from the words homosexual and (meaning "fear" or "panic" in Greek). The term itself is, however, often broadened to encompass other feelings such as aversion to, disagreement with, disapprobation of, disparagement of, or discrimination against homosexual people, their lifestyle, their sexual behavior, or culture [1] and is generally used to assert bigotry. Opposition to same-sex sex on religious, moral, or political grounds is also often labeled homophobic.

When people debate this constitutional amendment many advocates are, in fact, driven by bigotry and homophobia. The Glenn Grothmans and the Mark Gundrums have a deep-seated aversion to gay people. They are contemptuous of homosexual behavior, and unhappy with any societal acceptance of their lifestyle. Despite all the intellectualizing over this issue, why not just face facts? Bigotry and homophobia provide both the foundation for this amendment, and all arguments against equal rights for homosexual families.

Why shouldn't we call a spade a spade? No one likes being called a bigot or a homophobe, and I am not arguing for name-calling as a replacement for civil, honest debate. But it would be dishonest to pretend that these oft-condemned tendencies do not play a fundamental role in this discussion. Perhaps some of my more religious readers will step up and embrace their bigotry. Perhaps discriminating against people for their gayness is a justifiable bigotry in their minds. And perhaps legislators like Grothman will embrace their fearful homophobia as well. I don't know, I just think this reality should not be excised from the discussion.

Being bigoted and homophobic doesn't even mean that your position is wrong on the anti-gay amendment. It just means that you're bigoted and homophobic.

A Grand Canyon of a divide exists between the opposing forces in this debate. It's hard for us to engage each other or understand the other's perspective. We're like the Dr. Seuss characters who fight over butter side up or butter side down. Could it be that this divide is all about how each of us feels about gay people? And that the gay-haters and the gay-accepters will never be able to sit down amicably at the same table?

Consider the parallels to the civil rights movement and segregation. American society eventually turned away from the segregationists in revulsion. Bull Connor's dogs and water hoses, George Wallace at the schoolhouse door, and Goodman, Chaney and Schwerner all contributed to a governmental and societal shift in our views on Jim Crow and segregation. Was it wrong for the good guys to call out the segregationists and white supremacists as bigots? I would argue that calling them out for their bigotry was an important part of winning over the hearts and minds of middle Americans.

So, I'm all for civility, but let's not be afraid to confront the truths in this debate. The elephant in the room is indisputably there, and mustn't be ignored in our rush to civility.


Maybe selective prosecution is only acceptable in the state of Wisconsin, or perhaps just in a Dane County Courthouse. I sure hope poor Daunte gets a fair deal, racial and political profiling are bad, bad things.

Culpepper seeks dismissal of boat party charges
March 23, 2006

A judge agreed that Daunte Culpepper and a former Minnesota Vikings teammate had made a case that they were treated differently than two white men who were not charged as part of a boat party sex scandal.

Culpepper and running back Moe Williams are seeking dismissal of misdemeanor charges of lewd conduct. The players, both black, argue that prosecutor Steve Tallen passed up a chance to charge two white men, including the captain of one of two boats on the cruise.

At a hearing yesterday in Hennepin County District Court, Tallen said he declined to charge the men because the case against them was shaky. “It has nothing to do with the race of these defendants,” Tallen said. “It looks bad, though,” Judge Kevin Burke responded. “I am quite convinced that these two guys could have been charged.”

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Happy Birthday William Shatner

And thank you for James T. Kirk and Denny Crane.


The liberals may be right -- Feingold could be the perfect choice.

Et Tu, Brute?

One couldn't help but notice the most obtuse visitor to the Scott Jensen Farewell Pizza Party. Hopefully, she had the time to both eat the pizza and peruse the work on office desks.

Charlene Rodgriguez, a former Foti aide, testified that she would frequently participate in gatherings to assembly campaign mailings, and that Schultz was a frequent organizer of the activities. After the lunch break, Blanchard asked Rodriguez if she ever saw Carrie Richard's desk in Jensen's office. Rodriguez said it was covered with fundraising materials.

American Deaths Over The Last Three Years Put In Perspective


Fellow Bloggers,
As you can see from the attached article, two young boys from Milwaukee, Quadrevian Henning and Purvis Parker, have been missing from their homes for nearly two days. I would encourage you to join me in immediately posting pictures of these two boys on your blogs to help increase both awareness and the chance of their safe recovery. Wisconsin bloggers have the power to bring many thousands of new eyes to the search. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Search for missing boys intensifies
Families plead for their safe return; Florida children's group joins effort
Posted: March 21, 2006

Milwaukee police ramped up their search Tuesday for two boys who have been missing for more than two days, enlisting the help of other agencies and putting every available officer in the neighborhood where the pair was last seen.

Purvis Virginia Parker, 11, and Quadrevion Henning, 12, were last seen in the 4900 block of N. 53rd St., near their homes, at 3:30 p.m. Sunday, according to their families and police.
Anyone with information is asked to call Milwaukee police at (414) 935-7401. The families are offering a $550 reward for information leading to the boys' return.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


MARCH 21, 2006

Reports out of Hollywood suggest that the cast for the new political thriller -- Presumed Guilty -- has been nearly finalized. Parts cast to date reportedly include Scott Jensen, Sherry Schultz, Eric Grant, Judge Ebert, Brian Blanchard, Jason Kratowchill, Steve Baas, and Bill Cosh. Marlin Schneider will play himself, while casting directors are still screen-testing actors in the Prosser and Dake roles. The movie, which will be directed by Oliver Stone, is scheduled to begin filming in Toronto, Canada, in July of 2006.



Journal Sentinel Editorial*
March 21, 2006

Bush Must Answer For These Deaths

Two more bodies have been found in New Orleans' hurricane-devastated Lower 9th Ward, a coroner said Monday. This is a sad exclamation point to the criminal failure of President George W. Bush to first save people from the hurricane and then recover their dead bodies. Democratic Mayor Ray Nagin is right to point fingers at Bush and fellow Washington Republicans for failing to protect poor, black people from Hurrican Katrina. Is that not, after all, the President's primary responsibility?

About 1,100 deaths have now been blamed on Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, said Melissa Walker, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Health and Hospitals. The latest bodies were found Sunday in a collapsed house while rubble was being cleared, said Dr. Louis Cataldie, state medical examiner. Global warming and Republican neglect are thought to be the two main causes of death.

A good and caring President, like Bill Clinton for example, would have spent the money to strengthen the levees and done everything in his power to save New Orleans from bad weather conditions, had someone only given him a heads up. We agree with rap artist Kanye West who called out GW as a man who doesn't care about black people (unless they become Secretary of State.) After all, the white crackers of Crawford, Texas, would never have been treated as neglectfully as black citizens of the Lower 9th Ward.

Shame on you, Mr. President, you let them die and didn't even look for their bodies. It is indisputably and absolutely all your fault.

*This JS online editorial was probably written jointly by Editorial Page Editor Ricardo Pimintel and Race Columnist Eugene Kane. If this offends you, please see definition of satire available at Wilkipedia.

Monday, March 20, 2006

There are some men like some snakes; 'tis natural to them to be doing mischief

A countryman happen'd in a hard winter to spy a snake under a hedge, that was half frozen to death. The man was good natur'd, and took it up, and kept it in his bosom, till warmth brought it to life again; and so soon as ever it was in condition to do mischief, it bit the very man that sav'd the life on't. Ah thou ungrateful wretch! says he, is that venomous ill nature of thine to be satisfi'd with nothing less than the ruine of thy preserver.


There are some men like some snakes; 'tis natural to them to be doing mischief; and the greater the benefit on the one side, the more implacable is the malice on the other.

Kreuser and Robson Cite Blanchard, Issue Joint Declaration On Reconstitution Of Caucuses

March 20. 2006
(A.P.) Kreuser and Robson Cite Blanchard, Issue Joint Declaration On Reconstitution Of Caucuses

Assembly and Senate Minority Leaders Jim Kreuser (D-Kenosha) and Judy Robson (D-Beloit) issued a joint announcement today that will lead to the recreation of the Assembly and Senate Democratic Caucuses. "District Attorney Blanchard has made it quite clear that the Legislature's minority caucuses can safely do things that the majority cannot," said Kreuser during today's capitol press conference, "and we're going to take advantage of that finding to rehire Democratic caucus staff and utilize them to win back the majority." Robson went on to encourage disgraced former staffers like Rich Judge and George Twigg to send in their resumes as quickly as possible.

The Kreuser-Robson initiative occurs in the wake of the conviction of former Speaker Scott Jensen for three felonies related to the use of state employees for campaign purposes. In remarks after the trial, Blanchard stated that the majority has both greater power and a greater responsibility to follow the law. When asked directly about illegal campaigning by Assembly Democrats, Blanchard dismissively asserted that a prosecutor has the right to be selective about the use and misuse of D.A resources. "As I understand it, minority parties have very little power and therefore a negligible responsibility to follow the same laws as everyone else," said Blanchard, "I'm not going to waste my staff's time going after Democrats who've already suffered enough from Republican bullies like Jensen."

Robson -- who broke with Democratic tradition earlier today by coming out in favor of a healthy state business climate --went on to say, "Nothing could be more important than getting Democrats back in control of the Wisconsin State Legislature. Now that we have the official green light from District Attorney Blanchard and a confidential opinion from A.G. Lautenschlager's Public Integrity Unit, we're ready to begin hiring as early as next week." Both Kreuser and Robson noted that hiring preference would be given to those with prior caucus service, with extra points for those who have been fired from various places due to that association.

"I've read a great deal of the John Doe evidence that proves that my predecessor Shirley Krug cheated taxpayers to a much greater extent than Scott Jensen," continued Kreuser, "while I still hate that woman, the example of her non-prosecution would make my failure to act a dereliction of duty. Wisconsin deserves to have the good guys back in charge, and I will utilize every state resource at my disposal to make that happen." Robson has requested the complete records of the John Doe investigation into Mary Panzer's minority Republican caucus and Shirley Krug's minority Democratic caucus to use as a template for creating her new caucus campaign machine.

Krug and Panzer were scheduled to appear at today's Kreuser-Robson press conference, but backed out at the last minute for and AODA class and French class respectively. "I know Shirley and Mary are here with us in spirit," exclaimed Robson, "getting away with it is truly the best revenge against the evil corporations and nasty Republicans who rule this state. I'm glad Shirley and Mary got away with it, and I know Jim and I can do the same." When asked, both Kreuser and Robson pledged to re-eliminate the caucus staff within four years of regaining the majority, all things being equal.

Democratic Party Chair Joe Wineke also attended the press conference, but left without making a comment about the proposed change. A confidential source in Governor Doyle's office noted that the Governor was frustrated with the Republican majorities and had quietly encouraged Robson and Kreuser to move forward with their plan.

Anonymous Blogger Joins Kid Rock In Suing Over Sex Tapes

Anonymous Blogger Joins Kid Rock In Suing Over Sex Tapes
March 20, 2006, 10:10 AM ET
Award-winning blogger Dennis York is suing in an effort to stop a California company from selling or promoting a sex video featuring himself, Kid Rock and four women.

The federal lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles yesterday (March 19) against World Wide Red Light District, is similar to one Kid Rock's lawyers brought in Detroit over a prior matter. Rock was in Madison this past weekend to visit his long-time political adviser and sometime Roadie, Dennis York. The "party" appears to have been filmed in a back room at Visions, after the conclusion of the more-staid WisPolitics blog summit at Waukesha’s Country Springs Hotel.

A U.S. District Court judge there has signed a temporary order barring the company from distributing or promoting any portion of the tape, including a 40-second preview clip that was previously displayed on Red Light District's Web sites. York argued that this was a private celebration that got out of hand, and blamed Recess Supervisor for filming and selling the X-rated images without his permission.

Dennis York's lawsuit alleges that two tapes, described as a "video diary" of his post-blog-summit party at Visions, are rightly his property. The suit states Red Light District violated his trademark and privacy rights, causing him embarrassment, pain, suffering and emotional distress. The action seeks a restraining order barring the company from distributing the video.

A call placed to Red Light attorney Ray Tamaddon after business hours rang unanswered. Red Light previously acknowledged the tape came from a third party, but Tamaddon declined to say how Red Light's source acquired the video. Neither York, York's estranged wife, or Recess Supervisor could be reached for comment.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


David Brooks, The New York Times
March 19, 2006

Let me tell you what men want. Let me tell you why some middle-age men wear the sports jerseys of semi-literate behemoths half their age while others customize their cars with so many speakers they sound like the hip-hop version of the San francisco earthquake as they roll down the street.

Recognition. Men want others to recognize their significance. They want to feel important and part of something important.

Some people believe men are motivated by greed for money or lust for power. But money and power are means to get recognition. They are markers of success, and success makes men feel important and causes others to pay attention when they walk in the room...
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Christina Ricci's Rich and Naughty Rice Pudding

I love rice pudding. You probably don't care one way or the other, and I understand that. But let me encourage you to give this ultra-rich version a try. It is a recipe of exotic Norwegian origins, that in many ways is the ultimate in comfort food. Sometimes when you make pudding this good, it can replace all meals over a 24 hour period. After all, why eat a bowl of Fruit Loops or pasta when you can have warm rice pudding topped with cinnamon, sugar, and half and half. Truly, the ideal midnight snack. As always here at I AM THE FORCE, I encourage you to make this recipe and be forever changed.

Christina Ricci's Rich and Naughty Rice Pudding

1 cup water
1/2 cup rice
1/2 tsp salt
2 cups milke
2 cups half and half
1/4 cup butter
2 eggs
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup raisins

Boil water, salt and rice for 7 minutes, add milk, half and half and butter, bring to a boil then turn down and simmer for 1 hour. Beat eggs, sugar and vanilla together then stir in to rice at end, then add raisins.

Playground Politics gets it right again.

Playground Politics gets it right again.
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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Becoming a Remove-Plastic-Bags-in-Trees Activist

People of the earth, I think we might just have our environmental priorities wrong. Instead of wringing our hands about global warming, perhaps we should all get out there and pull plastic bags out of trees. I know you've seen them, and if you haven't, just look up in the next trees you see. These bags are everywhere. Very ugly, and probably not such a great thing for wildlife.

Global warming doesn't concern me because I'm not wealthy enough to live on either coast, or have an expensive Outer Banks condo. Warmer temperatures would be good for Wisconsin in general and me in particular. We've all seen enough snow in our lives, and far too much of Southeastern Wisconsin's parka culture. If we could cut down on the snow and the parkas, you have to admit that would be a good thing.

Becoming a remove-plastic-bags-in-trees activist would not make you all that unique. The trend reportedly started in New York City's Central Park, with individuals and their long-reach grabbers pulling down every plastic eyesore in reach. It's probably even good exercise, so you'll be able to make more of the yummy recipes from I AM THE FORCE. It's even a way to meet new people, as strangers will regularly yell at you to ask you what the hell you are doing.

Please stop worrying about whether Antarctica is losing some of its ice, and start acting to improve the livability of your neighborhood. Each plastic bag you pull out of a tree will give you immense satisfaction and the immediate knowledge that you have made a difference. Stop the hand-wringing, and get out there and do something!

Portman's Puffy Apple Pancakes.

I just made these Portman's Puffy Apple Pancakes this morning. Doesn't it look good? Couldn't you just eat it right up? This is a breakfast that all your non-evil children will ask for and enjoy. I'm not sure, but I think the real secret of this recipe is the full stick of butter used in its preparation. But that's just me, it also includes other major food groups like flour, milk, fruit, and powdered sugar. I got the recipe from an extremely close -- but very confidential -- friend of mine. Enjoy!

Portman's Puffy Apple Pancakes

You'll need a 14 inch skillet with a heatproof handle for this recipe -- if you don't have one of these you should rush out and buy one. I heard Kohls might be having a sale.

2 peeled, cored and chopped Granny Smith Apples
1 stick unsalted butter
4 large eggs
1/8 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1 cup flour
A pinch of salt
1/4 cup powdered sugar for sprinkling
3 tblsp fresh lemon juice for sprinkling

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Beat together the eggs, nutmeg and cinnamon in a small bowl. Lightly beat together the flour, milk, salt and egg mixture in a medium bowl, it's fine if a bit lumpy.
Melt the butter in the skillet, and saute the small chunks of apple until tender. Pour the batter mixture over the apples, and bake the pancake in the oven for 15-20 minutes, or until puffy and golden brown. Sprinkle with 1/4 cup sugar and return to the oven for a minute or two. Then sprinkle with lemon juice and serve immediately, adding butter, syrup, and additional powdered sugar as desired.
You'll, of course, need to serve this with sausage or bacon.

Friday, March 17, 2006


Happy St. Patrick's Day

The Vikings concentrated their attacks during the 830's and 840's on the Irish monastic communities. Due to the constant internecine warfare in Ireland, the Irish utilized the monasteries as sanctuaries for high ranking people, for wealth, and for livestock as well as ecclesiastical wealth and ornaments. The sacrosanct nature of the monastic communities was respected by the warring Irish factions, but seemed to the Vikings to be treasure houses of concentrated plunder. The usual Viking raid was a hit-and-run strike, designed to capture the maximum amount of valuable goods and then flee the vicinity before the Irish could mount an effective response.


Some day, the terrorists will likely be successful exploding nuclear or chemical weapons on American soil. They've been working towards this goal for decades, and the technology and technical expertise exists to make it happen. A briefcase size device would be enough to destroy New York City, killing millions in one stroke and thrilling the America-haters around the world.

Could Russ Feingold and Joe Wineke possibly understand this? They visibly root for bad news from Iraq, and continually provide aid and comfort to the enemies in the hills of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. And Feingold keeps fighting to weaken our defenses, and prevent the monitoring of conversations with expected Al Quaeda terrorists. When the major attack one day arrives, how will Feingold, Wineke and any remaining Democrats defend their behavior?

I know you hate George W. Bush, but do you hate the people of New York City or Washington, D.C. as well? Perhaps Dem headquarters could join in a celebratory dance with Zarqawi, Mullah Omar, and Osama Bin Laden when the horrific day finally comes. After all, aren't you guys all rooting for the same thing? Face it, the Bush hatred and rooting-for-defeat leaves you with a lot in common with the murderous Islamist freaks.

One of the President's primary responsibilities is to protect the American people from attack. September 11 should have led politicians of all stripes to join the President in that commitment. If they were able to accomplish that work, then an even greater attack must be considered as a very real threat. Do Democrats still believe that the President should be focused on the common defense? Or do they prefer the limp-wristed squishiness of the Clinton years?

Why don't the American people trust the Democrats on the issue of national security? That should be obvious to everyone, as we read Joe Wineke's celebration of U.S. difficulties the 3rd anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq. That should be obvious to everyone, as we listen to Neville Feingold call for our commander in chief to be censured for aggressively protecting American soil. That should be obvious to everyone who sees the We-Hate-Bush bumper stickers on the cars of failed Kerry supporters.

Republicans may have hated Franklin Roosevelt, but they never rooted for American defeat by Japan or Germany when he was President. At a time when Republicans are not right on all of the issues, Joe Wineke and Russ Feingold give me some reason to feel good about being in the Grand Old Party. I hope we never have to live with the consequences of the current Democratic irresponsibility.


Perhaps these guys are starting to figure Russ out. Of course, being irresponsible and endangering national security is a deeply ingrained policy for Wisconsin Democrats. Maybe Russ can get Ralph Nader to join him as his running mate. I guarantee you that these two would carry the isthmus in 2008.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Minnesota Sen. Mark Dayton on Thursday strongly criticized fellow Democrat Russ Feingold’s resolution to censure President Bush over domestic spying.

“It’s an overreaching step by someone who is grandstanding and running for president at the expense of his own party and his own country,” Dayton said of Feingold, a Wisconsin senator and potential 2008 presidential candidate.

“I think it’s a very dangerous territory for the democracy that we have in this country to be playing around with those kinds of resolutions, without any consultations from his colleagues. I think it was irresponsible.”

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