Wednesday, April 05, 2006

THE ANTI-WAR REFERENDUM -- The People of Shorewood, Madison, and La Crosse Send a Message to the Terrorists.

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I assume you ran out of room in your little graphic because you forgot to mention Amery, Frederic, Exeland, Winter, Town of Draper, Town of Edgewater, Town of Ojibwe, Ladysmith, Ephraim, Sturgeon Bay, Perry, Town of Vermont, Algoma, Casco, Luxemburg, Baraboo, Evansville, Monona, Mount Horeb, Newport and Whitefish Bay.

24 communities want troops brought home now; 8 are opposed.
WOW! That is a veritable groundswell of support. Maybe we should continue to have foreign policy decided in spring elections with low voter turnout. I will definitely defer to the wisdom of the 92 people in Frederic who voted to pull the troops out now. After all, these are the same folks who were brilliant enough to send Bob Dueholm to the Assembly.
When you consider the liberal tendancies of communities that would schedule such referendums to begin with, the fact that 25% didn't even pass is kind of surprising.
Liberal? Ladysmith? Sturgeon Bay? Whitefish Bay? Mount Horeb? Baraboo? Are you kidding me? How many of those communities are represented by Democrats? And if this was so insignificant, why was there such a strong push from the right to get these defeated?
For those communities represented Republicans it's because of the rural areas that surround them. Mount Horeb isn't represented by GOP, don't think Whitefish Bay is either. Go back to those communities and see what percentage of the vote Bush received. Bet it looks alot like yesterday's vote.
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