Monday, April 03, 2006


For a much more exuberant take on Brewers baseball, please check out Fraley's Daily Takes. Brian seems to really care about this issue, and I commend him for that. And belated thanks to David Prosser and George Petak for getting the roofed stadium done. If it wasn't for the two of them not caring about voter opinion, today's tailgaters would have to keep their parkas on during the game. And another belated thanks to former Senator Gary George, who tried to get the stadium in downtown Milwaukee. Come home soon, Gary, and we'll see you all at the game. Go Brewers!

Wish George would have been successful in getting the stadium downtown. And if the Selig's weren't so selfish and ungrateful, Petak would have thrown out the first pitch along with Bush.
I'd still rather have had the stadium on the near north side of downtown, a referenda on the tax issue, and the roof open yesterday. But what a game.
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