Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Why are you people so intent on killing the golden goose?

More than half of Packer nation seem to have joined Mark Chmura in decrying the selfishness of Brett Favre. Local talk radio is abuzz with commentators -- who aren't from here -- slamming Favre on a daily basis. Even Jim Rome has weighed in by comparing Favre's stalled decision with the "pay-me" holdout threats of Javon Walker and Terrell Owens.

Why are you people so intent on killing the golden goose?

Favre's situation has little or nothing to do with the Walker-Owens scenarios. Brett is making an off-season decision about retirement, while the other two selfish bozos were demanding more money, threatening holdouts, and ignoring contracts. Would it be nice for the organization for him to decide? Of course. But this delay hardly warrants the excoriation Favre is receiving from fans and talk radio jabber.

Javon Walker is a big disloyal crybaby, who is welcome to leave as soon as the Packers figure out a way to get something for the trouble. He's a great receiver, but just as is the case with all relationships, if the guy doesn't want to be in Green Bay than he should get the hell out. Then I can say good riddance, and hope that his knee never heals.

Favre has taken a lot of heat for his "what are they going to do? Cut me?" comment. While that would have been something better left unsaid, he was merely being honest about his take on the situation. Favre's non-spinning honesty has always been one of his best traits. He's right, the season is still many months away, and Packer draft plans are unlikely to change regardless of Favre's decision.

So give the guy a break for chrissakes. Favre is not perfect, but he is the best quarterback that the Green Bay Packers will ever have. He is the guy most responsible for delivering a Super Bowl to modern Green Bay, and none of you should ever forget it. He also is more than capable of doing it again with the right supporting cast.

He deserves whatever time he needs.

Taking your time on a retirement decision is hardly holding the Packers hostage. If you've been criticizing him, please send Favre a postcard today and apologize. Thank goodness the man himself doesn't have to listen to all this critically mindless chatter.

I'm out.

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